How to Choose the Color of Hair Fibers

The process of selecting the right color for your Hair Building Fibers is crucial to ensure a natural and fuller look for your hair. These hair fibers are designed to provide instantaneous coverage for thinning hair or bald spots. This guide will aid you in making an informed choice and attaining the voluminous hair you've always wanted.

Understanding Your Natural Hair Color

The first step in selecting the right color for your hair fibers is understanding your natural hair color. Hair fibers are available in an array of shades, including Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray, and White, enabling you to find a match that closely resembles your own hair color. This process ensures a flawless blend, making the fibers virtually undetectable.10 Shades for Perfect Hair

Root Color Over Tip Color

A common mistake is trying to match the hair fiber color to the hair tips. Since hair roots tend to be darker and this is where the fibers are usually applied, it's advisable to select a color that closely matches your root color for the most natural look.

The Possibility of Mixing Colors

Sometimes, one single color may not provide a perfect match, particularly if your hair has highlights or a blend of different shades. In such instances, mixing two hair fiber colors might be the ideal solution. Start with the shade that's the closest to your hair color as your base and gradually add the secondary color until you achieve the desired shade.

Experimenting with Light and Dark Shades

If you are in doubt between two shades, a lighter one and a darker one, it is often recommended to choose the darker shade. Darker hair fibers tend to blend more seamlessly and offer better coverage for thinning areas. However, you can always experiment with both light and dark shades to see which one suits your hair color and style the best.

Consider The Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in how your hair color appears. It's essential to choose your hair fiber color under natural light, which gives the most accurate representation of your hair color. Artificial light can sometimes make your hair look darker or lighter than it actually is.

Getting Professional Assistance with Lemooree Customer Service

If you find it challenging to decide on the perfect color, don't hesitate to seek advice from our dedicated Lemooree Customer Service. Their expertise can guide you to select the color that best matches your natural hair, ensuring a seamless blend and natural look.

To conclude, the selection of the right color for your Hair Building Fibers plays a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of the product and boosting your satisfaction. By considering factors such as your natural hair color, focusing on root color, mixing colors for a custom match, and seeking professional help from Lemooree Customer Service, you can ensure a natural, seamless blend for a fuller hair appearance.